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Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Universal Draught

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This week, another exciting project is meeting the world for the first time. The Universal Draught is the product of my transatlantic collaboration and friendship with author Elena Lebedeva-Fradkoff.

Elena’s stories in this collection take their inspiration from the realm of dreams, blending the real and the surreal to form a curious concoction of images and emotions. From Midzuorsi, the enigmatic talking kitten, and Sasha, a young woman with strange powers, to a grotesque circus of confusing horrors in ‘The Mutant’, and a colony of giant wasps and waspish humans, the stories and their characters are blown along on a draught through the universe of imagination.

The book also contains a collection of stunning, and equally eerie, dream-like illustrations by artist Paul Kulsha, which perfectly reflect the mood and tone of the stories.

‘The Universal Draught’ is not light, easy reading. It is a deliciously challenging read encouraging those who step inside its world to think, imagine and dream along with its motley cast of characters.