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Avana. The Druid’s Prophecy.

I am very excited to share news of Annie Lavigne’s newly published book ‘Avana. The Druid’s Prophecy.’

Inspired by Celtic folklore, ‘The Druid’s Prophecy’ is the story of a young Ulaid girl in ancient Ireland. Although half-goddess, half-mortal, she is unaware of the secret of her birth as she grows up under the care of Amorgen, the Great Druid. Avana’s journey from small child to young woman takes her on many adventures as she gradually comes to know herself. Torn between a yearning for knowledge of the Ancient Faith and the evil influence of the Shadows, Avana struggles to find the right path towards her true destiny. Light clashes with Darkness, while love and friendship battle with hatred and fear in this compelling coming-of-age saga which is the first novel in a trilogy.

It has been an absolute delight to work with Annie on the English version of this great story, and I have travelled on a journey of my own through traditional Irish mythology and the colourful world of fantasy. Highly recommended for age 16+ lovers of fantasy with a dash of romance!


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