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**UPDATE: Having been granted a royal charter,  in March 2020 the SfEP became the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, or CIEP. **


Having already been involved in the editing of a few books and stories by various authors, and having enjoyed the process very much, I have recently begun to explore the world of editing on a more formal basis. First of all, I joined the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and am finding it to be an active, supportive community. I then followed this by completing the SfEP’s ‘Introduction to Fiction Editing’ course.

Although many of the areas covered by the course inevitably also crop up whilst working on a translation, it was an excellent opportunity to take some time to consider these points and the approaches to them in more detail. Aspects such as plot, voice, point of view, dialogue, style, language and character are all integral parts of the task of translating a work of fiction, but the editing course presented them in isolation, bringing the author’s craft into sharper focus, rather than viewing it through the usual prism of a different language.

As a result of this training, I realised that I have become an even more critical reader than before, although I mean this in a positive sense. It has helped me to appreciate literature more fully, deepening the already great pleasure of reading a good book. In addition, it has highlighted further ways in which I can help writers to fine-tune their work to make the best possible impression on their readers. As an added bonus, it has given me new ideas and methods to try out in my own writing.

It is always advisable for any author to have a manuscript checked by an editor before submitting it to an agent or publisher, or prior to embarking on self-publishing. Even the most experienced writers can benefit from an impartial second opinion. There are several levels of service I can offer, from a short critique to a thorough copy-edit, to help you prepare your text for the next step. If you have written a story or book in English and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.  



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