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I translate from Russian or French into English. Prices are based on the number of words in the original text.


Various levels of editing are available, depending on your needs.

Critique – I will read your text and provide a report highlighting strengths and suggesting possible improvements.

Copy-editing – This is a thorough checking of the text, where I will insert highlighted comments and suggestions into the text itself.

Proofreading – If your text has already been carefully edited, I can proofread it to give it a final polish before submission or publication.

Editing prices are calculated according to the level of service required and the length and complexity of the text.

Language Support*

If you write in English but it is not your native language, I can help you to give it a more natural feel, whether it is a short letter or an entire novel.

*Please note that this is intended for personal purposes only, and not for help with exams, coursework or competitions.


Please contact me for a no-obligation quote for any of the above services. For book-length projects, I would be very happy to translate or edit a small extract free of charge, as a sample of my work.




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