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In addition to many unpublished novels, short stories, poems, essays, etc., here are some examples of my published work:

Avana. The Druid’s Prophecy, by Annie Lavigne

Avana. The Mages’ Quest, by Annie Lavigne

The Driving School, by Nataliya Lang

One heart is all I have, by Nataliya Lang

The Universal Draught, by Elena Lebedeva-Fradkoff

Evrard, Lord of Ethe, by Ludovic Dispaux

In the Land of Broken Time. The Incredible Journey, by Maria and Max Evan

Poetry translation in Russia Beyond the Headlines

The Tale of the Snail and the Duckling, by Serge Kozlovsky

I also post some of my own writing at:

My blog exploring books from around the world is here.


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